加拿大 溫哥華,洛磯山,約翰斯頓峽谷,班芙,露易絲湖,冰原 7天(2018夏季)

旅遊天數: 7天
出發日期: 5/1-10/12/2018 週二,週五
行程團號: YMO7

 說明: 該團出發日如有變動,我們將視當時情況調整每日行程。* 行程中餐食,須繳付包餐費用。

 即日起, 非美國公民搭飛機去加拿大, 要預先申請 eTA

第一天 : 原居地-溫哥華-市內觀光 Hometown – Vancouver – City Tour


★ 加國內陸航班抵達:於3號行李帶集合
Domestic Arrivals: pick up at Claim Belt #3
★ 國際航班抵達:於接機大廳“木頭人雕像”集合
International Arrivals: pick up at the “Welcome Figures” wooden statue in Arrival Hall
★ 郵輪碼頭抵達:於“五帆”酒店門口集合
Cruise Terminal Arrivals: pick up at Pan Pacific Hotel Entrance

*特別贈送精選市區遊(約3.5小時;限早上11:00AM前抵達的航班):暢遊市中心、史丹利公園、以“五帆”為標誌的加拿大廣場、國際會議中心、冬奧聖火盆等。獨家送特色漁港小渡,沿英格烈灣至格蘭威爾半島,及欣賞迷人海灣風景! Bonus Complimentary  City Tour! (duration: approx.3.5 hrs; meet our tour guide before noon): Downtown, Stanley Park, Canada Place, Vancouver Convention Center and Olympic Cauldron etc. Bonus Mini Ferry Ride to Granville Island!

或Or  第一天 : 原居地 – 西雅圖 – 溫哥(需附加費)Hometown – Seattle -Vancouver  (Surcharge applies)

★ 機場抵達:約中午12:00在機場14 號行李帶集合(週六集合時間延後約半小時)。送西雅圖迷你市區遊,下午送往溫哥華酒店(不含溫哥華市區遊)。Sea-Tac Airport Arrivals: pick up Claim Belt #14 at approx. 12 pm (Bonus Complimentary Mini Excursion of Seattle, rather than Vancouver;Saturday arrivals: postpones 30 mins)

★ 66號或91號郵輪碼頭抵達:約下午1:15分集合 (不含西雅圖市區遊)
Cruise Terminal Arrivals: pick up Pier 66 or 91 at approx. 1:15pm (Not include Seattle city tour)

★ 市中心抵達:約下午1:45分於水族館正門集合在太空針廣場拍照留念后,送往溫哥華酒店。 (不含西雅圖市區遊)
Downtown Arrivals: pick up Seattle Aquarium Main Entrance at approx. 1:45pm. Transfer to Vancouver Hotel after a short stop at Space Needle.(Not include Seattle city tour)

 餐食:早餐:X | 午餐:X | 晚餐:付費可包餐
 住宿:依所選團級住宿Richmend 或 Downtown

第二天 : 溫哥華 – 菲沙河谷 – 基洛納 – 酒莊 – 歐墾娜根湖 – 蜂蜜廠 – 鮭魚灣/維能市Vancouver – Fraser Valley – Kelowna – Winery – L. Okanagan – Honey Farm – Salmon Arm/Vernon


Start our journey via the Fraser Valley and head east to the heart of the Okanagan Valley – Kelowna. At Lake Okanagan, search for the lake monster “Ogopogo” from the First Nations’ legendary history. Stop at the renowned Winery for moderate wine tasting of icewine, red and white wine. Later, stop by a Honey Farm for high-quality natural honey, royal jelly and propolis.

 餐食:早餐:付費可包餐 | 午餐:*付費可包餐 | 晚餐:*付費可包餐
 住宿:Comfort Inn & Suites/Village Green Hotel or similar 或同級

第三天 : 鮭魚灣 – 最後一口釘 – 登山纜車 – 約翰斯頓峽谷 – 卡那那斯基斯 / 班夫** (午晚) 送早餐*Salmon Arm – Last Spike – Gondola – Johnston Canyon – Kananaskis / Banff** (L/D) Comp. B*


前往崇山峻嶺間的飛鷹坳,尋找太平洋鐵路東西橫貫接駁處的“最後一口釘”。穿越優鶴國家公園,進入班夫國家公園。乘登山纜車(門票)鳥瞰疊嶂山巒及雄偉冰川。隨後沿弓谷公園大道來到約翰斯頓峽谷,峽谷深邃,鬱鬱蔥蔥,溪流瀑布應接不暇。可獨家安排乘直升飛機,俯瞰壯麗的落基山脈。Swing by Eagle Pass via Trans-Canada Highway. Visit the Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway, after passing by Yoho National Park, enter Banff, the oldest National Park in Canada. Take an exciting Gondola Ride (adm) to the summit. Explore Johnston Canyon in the afternoon. Get a close view of the roaring water, breathtaking cliffs and rushing waterfalls. Take the optional Helicopter Tour by dusk for a guaranteed highlight of your trip!

 餐食:早餐: 送早餐 | 午餐:*付費可包餐 | 晚餐:*付費可包餐
 住宿:印第安原住民保護區內特色娛樂酒店 Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino (*送酒店早餐及娛樂禮券; Comp. Breakfast and Entertainment Coupon)
**Summer Plus版 暑假限量發售! 保证入住班夫小鎮(限7, 8月週五出發)

第四天 :卡那那斯基斯 / 班夫** – 夢蓮湖 – 露易絲湖 – 弓河瀑布 – 班夫 – 自選活動Kananaskis – Moraine Lake – Lake Louise – Town of Banff – Surprise Corner – Optional Activities(送早餐)


Pass by Castle Mountain and continue our journey to Moraine Lake (subject to road condition). The Ten Peaks’ view was once featured on the twenty dollar Canadian bill. Stroll along world-famous “Jewel of the Rockies”- Lake Louise to capture the snow-capped Victoria Glacier along shores of the dazzling turquoise lake. Celebrate your day with a premium meal at the Chateau Lake Louise (meal plan). Arrive at Town of Banff, capture the best view of the Fairmont Banff Springs and Bow River at the Surprise Corner. Explore the alpine town for numerous boutiques and souvenir shops. Continue with more fun activities (optional) such as Rafting, Carriage Ride, Hot Springs and Horseback Riding etc.

 餐食:早餐:送早餐 | 午餐:*付費可包餐 | 晚餐:*付費可包餐
 住宿: Inns of Banff Superior Mt. View room山景房or similar 

第五天: 班夫 – 冰原 – 冰川天空步道 – 亞迪巴斯加瀑布 – 賈斯珀 – 羅布森山 – 山河鎮 Banff – Icefield – Glacier Skywalk – Athabasca Falls – Jasper – Mt. Robson – Valemount


Drive along the Icefields Parkway, pass by the Bow Lake and proceed to the Jasper National Park in the morning. Feel the pristine combination of uncultivated terrain and wildlife habitat before arriving at the Columbia Icefield. Ride on the massive “Ice Explorer” (adm) onto the Athabasca Glacier followed by a thrilling walk on the Glacier Skywalk (adm) for an eye-opening look of ice-capped mountain peaks and vast glacier-formed valleys. Visit the spectacular Athabasca Falls and Town of Jasper. Proceed to Mt. Robson and stay overnight in Valemount.

 餐食:早餐:X | 午餐:*付費可包餐 | 晚餐:*付費可包餐
 住宿:Canada’s Best Value Inn or similar 或同級

第六天 : 山河鎮 – 湯普森河 – 清水鎮 – 甘露市 – 參場 – 溫哥華Valemount – Thompson River – Clearwater – Kamloops – Ginseng Factory – Vancouver (送早餐)


Passing by Wells Gray Provincial Park and Clearwater along the Thompson River, head to Kamloops, a city with over 2000 hours of sunshine each year. Visit the only GMP certified ginseng factory to reveal the healing power of ginseng. Return to Vancouver by late afternoon.

 餐食:早餐:送早餐 | 午餐:*付費可包餐 | 晚餐:X
 住宿:依所選團級住宿Richmend 或 Downtown

第七天: 溫哥華 – 原居地 (或 溫哥華 – 西雅圖 – 原居地)Vancouver – Hometown (OR Vancouver – Seattle – Hometown)

溫哥華★ 上午可自由活動或探親訪友,或於酒店附近的著名食府品嚐各式點心等美食。之後前往溫哥華國際機場,結束愉快的旅程。此外,如第一天未送半天市內觀光的遊客而閣下的回程航班是下午3:30後,早上可安排參加半天市內觀光,遊罷乘專車送抵溫哥華機場。

★ 西雅圖離開的客人, 早上由酒店出發,中午抵達西雅圖水族館或機場(需附加費),建議搭乘下午3點後的航班

  餐食:早餐:付費可包餐 | 午餐:X | 晚餐:X



Gift Pack Total value over $110
 含特色漁港小渡、遮陽貼、行李牌、卡通團章、年曆咭、溫哥華夜遊及每位一瓶紀念版瓶裝水(按雙人房計算;夜遊每房最多送兩位;送完即止)。
Includes False Creek Mini Ferry, Sunshade Sticker, Luggage Tag, Beaver Badge, Calendar, Vancouver Night Tour and a custom bottled water per person (per twin room; night tour is complimentary to max. 2 guests per room; subject to availability; while supplies last).

 獨家溫哥華夜遊: 暢遊市中心、蓋斯鎮-蒸氣鐘、奧運村等,漫步福溪邊,欣賞卑斯體育館、科技館等都市夜景。Exclusive Vancouver Night Tour : exploring Downtown, Gastown, Olympic Village and stroll along False Creek for an unforgettable scenery of BC Place and Science World.

Considerate Arrangement

Complimentary City Tour includes Downtown, Stanley Park, Canada Place, Vancouver Convention Center, Olympic Cauldron etc.
Exclusive! Bonus Mini Ferry Ride to Granville Island.

Exclusive! Bonus two complimentary breakfasts. All Inclusive Meal Arrangement available, which includes lunch at Chateau Lake Louise and Columbia Icefield.

Don’ miss the opportunity to capture more of the Rockies by reserving First 3 Rows during the Rockies tour!

Unique Experience

Exclusive! One night accommodation at the First Nation’s Reserves (bonus complimentary breakfast and entertainment coupon,) and one night at Banff National Park!

獨家!暑期巨獻!強勢推出Summer Plus版**:連續兩晚入住童話般的班夫小鎮,盡情遊覽,成就永恆回憶!(7,8月限週五出發,每週僅一團!)
Summer Limited**: two consecutive nights stay at Banff. Immerse yourself in the rich history, culture and incredible views of this town. (Limited to July and August Friday Departures)

Exclusive! Immerse yourself in Banff and Various Optional Activities to choose from: Helicopter tours, Rafting etc.

獨家!多等級溫哥華酒店選擇,毗鄰購物、交通及餐廳。更可尊貴升等入住市中心喜來登酒店- 豪華景觀房。寬大的落地窗可一覽市區及海灣美景。
Exclusive! Various hotel options in Vancouver. Upgrade your stay in Vancouver to Deluxe View Room at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre.

獨家!新玩法!溫哥華出海觀鯨,尋覓虎鯨、座頭鯨、海豚、海獅、海豹等海洋生物。 (約3-5小時行程; 適用於有半日以上溫哥華自由活動的客人)
Exclusive! Enjoy a spectacular Whale Watching tour to discover marine habitat, killer whales,humpback whales and more!(about 3-5 hours; applies to guests with half free day in Vancouver).

Spectacular Views

Explore the natural wonders at Johnston Canyon.

Highlights of Rockies: Mt Robson, Icefield, Castle Mountain, Town of Banff & Jasper and more!

Visit 5 National Parks: Revelstoke, Yoho, Glacier, Banff and Jasper

Explore Famous Lakes: Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Vermilion Lakes, Bow Lake, Waterfowl Lake, Lake Okanagan, Shuswap Lake and more!




5月1日- 6月30日 逢週二
7月1日- 10月12日 逢週二、五



旅 行 團 級 雙 人 房 第三、四人 單 人 房
A超值團  $819起 $426起 $1446 起
B豪華團  $906起 $426起 $1586起
C經濟團  $819起 $426起 $1446起
D特級團  $1023起 $453起 $1809起

落基山旅遊巴士前三排 First 3 Rows on the bus furing Rockies, tour: 每人$88/Pax

*位於烈治文中心區 Located in Central Richmond
 B–Deluxe 豪華酒店 Executive Plaza (Plaza Room) /Westin Wall Centre or similar 或同級

*位於溫哥華市中心 Located in Downtown
D–Premium 特級酒店 Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre or similar或同級

  門票費用 (須報名時預繳)登山纜車+天空步道+冰原雪車+國家公園

大人 少年(12-15) 小童(6-11)
$116 $61 $61

 包餐費用 *可獨家安排全程膳食

旅 行 團 級 成 人 小 孩 (2-11歲)
 *洛磯山 (5午4晚餐)  $220起 $ 185 起
 超值團(全程2早5午6晚) $280起 $ 245 起
 豪華團(全程2早5午6晚) $325起 $290 起
 經濟團(全程2早5午6晚) $280起 $ 245 起
 特級團(全程2早5午6晚) $343起 $ 308起


  • 稅金
  • 專業華籍導遊
  • 酒店住宿及旅遊車


  • 膳食
  • 行程內之入場費(必須預繳)
  • 司機及導遊小費(溫哥華迎接每位$4:精選市區遊/溫哥華夜遊: 每位$5; 溫哥華送機: 每位$2;西雅圖接/送: 每位$8; 旅遊團: 每天每位$10)
  • 機票
  • 旅遊保險(強烈建議購買旅遊保險)
  • 自費活動


  • 三人房及四人房以兩張雙人床為準,小孩為2至11歲(不佔床位)。
  • 客人如需指定某一間酒店,酌此服務費每晚 $20。
  • 每人限帶手提及寄倉行李各一件;額外行李附加費每件$35。
  • 如要安排落基山旅遊巴士前三排座位,需附加費
  • 溫哥華免費接送機時間(按巴士班次):8:00am-9:30pm(烈治文酒店);8:00am-8:00pm(市中心酒店)。
  • 惠斯勒纜車視乎天氣及季節而定。 
  • 團費須於出團前30天全部付清。本公司會將所有逾期未清的訂位取消。
  • 取消訂位及退款細則:
    機票: 100% 無法退還。
    — 出發前22-29 天–收取團費的50%
    — 出發前15-21 天–收取團費的75%
    — 出發前14 天內更改或取消訂位而不能享用行程內之某一或全部活動、膳食、入場費或酒店住房,本公司恕不作任何退還。
  • 團員如在旅途中退出或不參與任何團體活動(如膳食﹑觀光及住宿)﹐均當作放棄論﹐所繳團費不會發還。
  • 旺季(農曆新年﹑復活節﹑暑假﹑聖誕及新年)﹐均需提前出票及安排交通﹑膳食及住宿等﹐故凡在旺季出發的團隊﹐一律不得更改名字﹑團別﹑日期及行程﹐所繳費用無法退還。
  • 本 公司保留改變行程權利,以利團體進行。行程中如發生意外而引至傷亡或其他損失(包括行李及財物遺失),當根據航空公司、酒店、巴士等營運機構所訂之條例, 作為解決依據,概與本公司無涉。若因天氣,路面,機械等等狀況而導至行程延誤,本公司 將不負上法律責任。建議您自行購買旅行安全保險。









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