台灣(雙語團) 坪林&貓空 茶飄香一日遊/Pinglin Tea Culture & Maokong Day Tour from Taipei

旅遊天數: 1天
出發日期: (4/01/24-3/31/2025):Wed,Fri
行程團號: ED-1D

We reserve the right to modify the itinerary without liability.

Meet your tour guide at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (BL14 /O07), Exit 2
Your tour guide and driver will greet you at the Exit 2 of MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (BL14 /O07) before embarking on your aromatic tea tour.

Exit 2 of MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station
Maokong Gondola
Begin your exploration into the world of Taiwanese tea from Maokong in Taipei City’s Muzha District. Your adventure commences with a scenic ride on the Maokong Gondola, designed for leisurely travel, boasts the lengthiest route, offering awe-inspiring aerial vistas of Southern Taipei. This picturesque ride offers stunning mountain scenery from a lofty vantage point, making it a favored activity among foreign tourists exploring Taipei.

Maokong Gondola Maokong Gondola

Maokong Tea Fragrance Loop Trail or Maokong Zhangshu Trail
The Maokong Tea Fragrance Loop Trail comprises four short, paved paths. Along the trail, you’ll encounter beautiful natural features like potholes, waterfalls, and forests, all visible during the hike. Known as the easiest hiking trail in Maokong, it’s suitable for individuals of all ages. The Maokong Zhangshu Trail is another beloved leisure trail among the locals, particularly during the blooming season of Lupinus. Along this trail, you’ll discover the terraced fields, ponds, tea gardens, and more, creating the sensation of stepping into an idyllic picture as you stroll through this scenic landscape.

Maokong Zhangshu Trail Maokong Tea Fragrance Loop Trail

Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong
The Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong serves as a leisurely park dedicated to showcase the exceptional quality and authenticity of Taiwan’s Tieguanyin and Baozhong teas. By exploring the center, visitors can gain insights into the evolution of Taiwanese tea and ecological knowledge through the informational exhibits, tea panning machines, and more.

Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong

After a few hours of walking, you might find yourself hungry and craving some local foods. Maokong, a popular place for a nature getaway in suburban Taipei, nestled in the mountains, offers prime locations to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Taipei Basin. Beyond its scenic beauty, Maokong is a hotspot for tea tasting. Abound with teahouses, most of them offer freshly brewed teas and meals, allowing you to enjoy a delectable lunch in the delightful aroma of tea at your own expense.

Maokong Maokong

Thousand Island Lake
Following lunch, your tea tour proceeds with a visit to Thousand Island Lake in Shiding District, New Taipei City. Shiding, a rural area celebrated for its tea cultivation and stunning landscapes. The catchment area around the Feitsui Reservoir, nestled among hills, creates a distinctive scenery—a lake adorned with numerous islands. Its resemblance to the Thousand Island Lake in China has bestowed upon it the same name.

Thousand Island Lake

Bagua Tea Plantation
The natural terrain and climate create an ideal environment for tea cultivation in the surrounding area of Feitsui Reservoir. The Bagua Tea Plantation also locates in this area. When viewed from the hilltop, the neatly planted rows of tea bushes resemble the symbols of Eight Trigrams, which inspired the plantation’s name.

Bagua Tea Plantations Bagua Tea Plantations

Pinglin Tea Museum of New Taipei City
After indulging in the natural tea aroma, your tea tour continues to uncover the intricacies of tea processing and its evolution. The Pinglin Tea Museum, a Hokkien-style Siheyuan architecture, embodying the traditional dwelling of Taiwan, inviting the visitors to delve into the world of Taiwanese tea. This museum houses a rich collection of traditional harvesting tools, tea sets, samples, and more, offering insights into the history and evolution of Taiwan’s tea industry. Additionally, the interactive equipment within the museum offers visitors an immersive, sensory-rich experience.

Pinglin Tea Museum Pinglin Tea Museum

Local Tea Shop
While in Pinglin, you can’t miss the chance to savor authentic Taiwanese tea at a local tea shop. The tea sommelier will demonstrate the proper brewing techniques to bring out the flavors of the tea leaves, making your tea more aromatic and enhancing your tea tasting experience. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to sample various types of Taiwanese tea during your visit.

Tea House in Pinglin Tea House in Pinglin

Drop off at Xinyi Shopping District (Taipei 101)
At the end of this fantastic tea tour to Maokong, Shiding, and Pinglin, you may choose to disembark at Xinyi Shopping District (Taipei 101) or at MRT Zhongxiao XInsheng Station.

Drop off at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (BL14 /O07)


Hit pause on the city life for a day and immerse yourself in rural Taipei on this one-day tour to Pinglin, Shiding and Shenkeng District.

Pinglin District is well-known for the cultivation of Wenshan Baozhong tea, where you will learn about Taiwanese tea culture and taste the aromatic Taiwanese tea by visiting a tea shop and a tea factory. Shiding District is endowed with breathtaking natural scenery. The stunning Thousand Island Lake and the endless rows of tea plants create picturesque views before your eyes. Shenkeng District is widely-known for the famous tofu street—Shenkeng Old Street, where a variety of stinky tofu dishes can be found and worth giving them a try.

Additionally, you will take a hike along Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail before the end of your tour. The fantastic aerial view of Taipei will blow your mind when you reach the top.

  Tour fare & Departure date

(4/01/24-3/31/2025) Adult Child(2-11 years old)
Wed,Fri, $85up  $68up

  price includes

  • Professional licensed tour guide (Mandarin / English / Japanese)
  • Local transfer by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Maokong Gondola ride experience
  • Entrance ticket (Pinglin Tea Museum of New Taipei City)
  • Taiwanese local tea tasting
  • Local general liabilities insurance

  price does not include

  • Food and beverage
  • Gratuities
  • It is recommended that tourists over 70 years old suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or chronic diseases requiring long-term medication consult a doctor to judge their health status and whether they are suitable for participating in a tour group. If any accident occurs during the tour, the Choicest Holiday company will not be responsible for any compensation.


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Important Notice:

  • Tour commentary will be provided in Mandarin, English and Japanese.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The sequence and time of stay at tour stops may be adjusted according to the traffic/weather condition.
  • If the tour has to be cancelled due to bad weather, we will contact you no later than the evening before the excursion day by email or SMS.
  • Please arrive at the meeting point 5 minutes earlier than the pick-up time.
  • Each guest is allowed to bring one piece of carry-on baggage.
  • This tour is not recommended for wheelchair users and people with physical disabilities.

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